2020 Connect

2020 Connect presents players with a captivating puzzle experience reminiscent of 2048. The primary objective is to strategically merge numbered hex tiles on a gray-and-white honeycomb grid, aiming to create higher-value tiles. Players must coordinate tile movements within the grid to free up space and facilitate the merging process. The ultimate goal is to achieve the coveted 8192 tile, demonstrating mastery over the game's mechanics.

Game Mechanics and Rules

Unlike traditional match-3 games, 2020 Connect employs a unique approach where players merge four tiles instead of three. The absence of a shooting element streamlines gameplay, focusing solely on strategic tile placement. Players select a tile and position it adjacent to a matching tile, repeating this process until four or more identical tiles merge. However, movement restrictions apply, prohibiting tile transfer through the background or blocked rows.

The game introduces an element of unpredictability by randomly inserting new tiles, challenging players to adapt their strategies as the grid fills up. Boosters, available for purchase using in-game coins earned from successful merges, offer valuable assistance in streamlining the merging process. These boosters enhance gameplay by facilitating tile merges, providing players with a strategic advantage.

How to Earn Points or Progress

Players accumulate points by successfully merging tiles, with higher-value merges yielding greater rewards. Additionally, the acquisition of coins through successful merges enables players to purchase helpful boosters, further enhancing their gameplay experience. Exceptional performance may also unlock gifts, incentivizing players to strive for excellence and maximize their merging potential.

2020 Connect offers a stimulating tile-merging challenge that tests players' strategic acumen and spatial reasoning. With its unique mechanics, unpredictable gameplay elements, and rewarding progression system, the game promises an immersive experience for puzzle enthusiasts. Mastering the art of tile merging is the key to success in this captivating journey towards the elusive 8192 tile.

How to play 2020 Connect

Navigating the intricacies of 2020 Connect is simple yet challenging.

  1. Identify Matching Tiles: Scan the grid for identical numbered tiles positioned adjacent to each other.
  2. Strategic Tile Placement: Select a tile and transfer it to an empty space adjacent to a matching tile.
  3. Repeat and Merge: Continuously repeat the process, aiming to merge four or more matching tiles to create higher-value tiles.
  4. Utilize Boosters: Purchase boosters using earned coins to facilitate merges and overcome obstacles within the grid.


  • Mouse: Click on a numbered tile to select it, then click on the desired empty space to transfer the tile.
  • Mobile: Tap on a numbered tile to select it, then tap on the desired empty space to transfer the tile.

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