Get 1000

Get 1000 is a captivating puzzle game where the primary objective is to maneuver a numbered tile into the center of the grid and reach the elusive number 1000. While the goal may seem straightforward, the gameplay presents a delightful challenge that demands strategic thinking and persistence. Players must carefully plan each move as it consumes one life, and they can earn additional lives by successfully advancing towards the center of the grid.

Game mechanics and rules

The game features a grid populated with numbered tiles, each representing a different value. Players navigate these tiles by swiping in various directions, merging identical numbers to form larger ones. However, every movement consumes a precious life, adding a layer of urgency and decision-making to each action. The grid also contains special tiles with multiplication values such as x10 or x5, providing players with strategic opportunities to create the larger numbers essential for progression.

How to earn points or progress

Progression in Get 1000 hinges on players' ability to merge numbered tiles strategically, aiming to reach the coveted 1000 mark. By combining identical numbers and utilizing the multiplication values strategically, players can steadily advance towards their goal. Additionally, successfully maneuvering a tile into the center of the grid not only contributes to progression but also rewards players with extra lives, crucial for sustaining their gameplay.


  • Inspired by the renowned 2048 game, Get 1000 introduces unique twists and challenges, ensuring an engaging experience for players.
  • Each move in the game consumes a life, intensifying the strategic aspect and prompting players to think critically about their actions.
  • Upon mastering the classic mode, players can unlock new modes, adding depth and variety to the gameplay experience.
  • The game offers the convenience of an undo feature, allowing players to rectify their moves and optimize their strategies.
  • Engage in daily quests to test your skills and earn rewards, adding an element of freshness and replay value to the game.

Developer and Release Date: Get 1000 was crafted by BearDroid, an indie game developer based in France, with the game hitting the digital shelves in February 2018. Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed 2048 game, BearDroid infused Get 1000 with innovative mechanics and challenges, delivering a captivating puzzle experience for players of all ages.

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